Mason’s Rocky Immigration Policy

Immigration is a hot topic sweeping our political climate and impacting communities all across the country. Here at George Mason, the multiple travel bans and mass deportation implemented by the current United States Presidential administration has left many students and faculty grasping to figure out how to find security for themselves and their loved ones.... Continue Reading →


They’re Always Watching

            “The Googlization of Everything,” by Siva Vaidhyanathan and “Defining the Sensor Society,” by Mark Andrejevic are both journals about how our online privacy, as well as our consumer privacy is being completely removed. While the two authors make many of the same points, the articles are looking at two different... Continue Reading →

Research post 5

In order to understand where George Mason stands in regards to the travel ban and sanctuary for immigrants, it is vital to take a look at the responses of other universities. On several occasions, the president of George Mason has sent out emails to the faculty and student body expressing his concern for the well-being... Continue Reading →

Interview Research post 4

I interviewed a professor at George Mason University for part of my research. I felt this individual would be an excellent resource because they work in the department of Islamic studies and have a first-hand understanding of how President Trump's travel ban affected students and staff and Mason. They also have a deep understanding of... Continue Reading →

Free Labor: Injustice or Equitable Exchange?

In her article, “Free Labor: Producing Culture for the Digital Economy,” Tiziana Terranova examines the role of unpaid contributors to the economy of the digital world. Terranova explores the value that contributors receive for their contributions, as well as whether or not free labor is an exploitation of human resources. Lindsay Palmer wrote an article... Continue Reading →

Research Post 3

This article talks about diversity in schools. It specifically addresses the type of diversity that occurs with immigrant students. George Mason University has experienced a similar situation, where students are coming from many different backgrounds and countries. There is great diversity, but not so great integration. Students tend to stick with other students who come... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of International Students

This source was written by Niall Hegarty, a professor at Tobin College of Business. He talks extensively about what international students provide for universities and why most universities would be in jeopardy if they didn’t have international students. The first thing he touched on was that international students provide a huge amount of funding for... Continue Reading →

Research on Sanctuary Cities

Rose Cuison Villazor is a Professor of Law at UC Davis Law School. Her article titled, "Sanctuary Cities and Local Citizenship" was published in the Fordham Urban Law Journal. The article deems a sanctuary city as a city that does not cooperate or collaborate with national immigration law enforcement. Some examples of non-cooperation would be... Continue Reading →

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