Interview Research post 4

I interviewed a professor at George Mason University for part of my research. I felt this individual would be an excellent resource because they work in the department of Islamic studies and have a first-hand understanding of how President Trump’s travel ban affected students and staff and Mason. They also have a deep understanding of the way George Mason does or does not act as a “sanctuary city.” This particular professor wished to remain anonymous, due to the sensitivity of the issue of immigration and sanctuary cities. In my research article, I plan to change the name of this interviewee and their pseudonym will be referenced in the sources cited. Among other questions, I asked this individual how they felt George Mason was doing to protect it’s vulnerable immigrant populations. They felt that Mason’s unclear stance on immigration was making students and faculty feel uneasy and unsure of their safety on campus. Mason’s location within a county this specifically NOT sanctuary makes school attendance difficult. There was a drop in school attendance immediately following the travel ban, which had to do with both fear of the ban as well as the recent ICE raids. It is very unnerving that students don’t feel protecting in a university setting. It makes me wonder if a teacher has a right to keep an officer from entering a classroom without a warrant, similar to a personal place of residence.


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