The Benefits of International Students

This source was written by Niall Hegarty, a professor at Tobin College of Business. He talks extensively about what international students provide for universities and why most universities would be in jeopardy if they didn’t have international students. The first thing he touched on was that international students provide a huge amount of funding for Universities. Not only do they pay more in tuition than the rest of the student body, they continue to pay the same rate no matter how many years they stay, unlike out of state students who can earn in state tuition over time. Hegarty also talks about the benefits of diversity on campuses. International students create a rich culture that cannot be duplicated. Many colleges take great pride in the different countries and cultures represented at their schools. This journal is a great resource in understanding the self-serving reasons why we should be investing both programmatically and financially back into our international students, and why we should protect them from things like the “muslim ban”.


Hegarty, Niall. “Where We Are Now –The Presence and Importance of International Students to Universities in the United States.” Journal of International Students 4.3 (2014): 223-235. Tobin College of Business. Web. Retrieved from Https://



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