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In order to understand where George Mason stands in regards to the travel ban and sanctuary for immigrants, it is vital to take a look at the responses of other universities. On several occasions, the president of George Mason has sent out emails to the faculty and student body expressing his concern for the well-being of our immigrant population; however, he has not been nearly as vocal about his concerns or commitments in public setting. The public admonishment of inappropriate bans and policies is a deeply important part of combatting injustice as well as giving students the confidence they need to continue their education without fear for their personal security. An example of strong public response was that of Bucknell University:

“The application of such limitations to members of our own community — and of communities across the country — is deeply distressing. We will stand united against acts that impede our commitment to inclusivity and, further, will push for decisions that reflect community and compassion.”

Public responses can certainly help set students minds at ease, but many universities are too concerned about the consequences of taking such strong public stances.


USA Today College Staff. 2017. How Universities are Responding to Trump’s Travel Ban. Online journal. Retrieved from



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