Research Post 3

This article talks about diversity in schools. It specifically addresses the type of diversity that occurs with immigrant students. George Mason University has experienced a similar situation, where students are coming from many different backgrounds and countries. There is great diversity, but not so great integration. Students tend to stick with other students who come from similar cultures, so although many cultures are present, most students do not fully experience the benefits of that diversity. There is a need for experiences that draw students from all different cultures into shared community. Once there is true shared community, immigrant students are able to feel more at home in a foreign country, and American students get to experience the richness of a diverse student body.

Oikonomidoy, Eleni. (2016). Enemies or Friends? Newcomer Immigrant Students’ Developing Conceptions of Diversity in High School. Education and Urban Society. Sage Publishing2016. 10.1177/0013124516678044 Retrieved from



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