Research on Sanctuary Cities

Rose Cuison Villazor is a Professor of Law at UC Davis Law School. Her article titled, “Sanctuary Cities and Local Citizenship” was published in the Fordham Urban Law Journal. The article deems a sanctuary city as a city that does not cooperate or collaborate with national immigration law enforcement. Some examples of non-cooperation would be allowing undocumented citizens to obtain a form of photo identification, not identifying undocumented individuals to federal agencies like ICE unless they have committed a felony, and allowing local citizen political involvement regardless of documentation status. These factors can be used to weigh in on how GMU is doing as a sanctuary campus (I know they do not claim the title, but are they functioning that way?) It can also help students understand the implications of being on a campus in an explicitly non-sanctuary county. It is important that, regardless of how GMU identifies, the students and staff are aware of the policies that are in place to either protect them, or not, and how those policies compare to areas around campus.


Villazor, Rose Cuison. “Sanctuary Cities and Local Citizenship.” Fordham Urban Law Journal 37.2 (2010): 573-598.


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